At Arts-Loi

Opening expected april 2019: A new living spot at Arts-Loi

A new Kamilou restaurant will open in Spring 2019 to offer a place of life and exchange in the heart of The European District. This area of ​​400m2 divided on 2 floors has also a green garden which is rare and precious in this institutional area mainly made of offices.
So you can both enjoy Kamilou’s food and have a good time inside or outside during your breaks, to work or to have a good time after work.

Our wish is to offer in this cold and tidy neighbourhood, a human place where people can look at each other, sit next to each other, meet and exchange.

The opening hours of this restaurant will be significantly different than the others. At the end of the week it will be open until 22:00 and will allow some to relax after their day at work and others to discover a musician from here or elsewhere.

The menu will remain the same as in other places: a healthy & tasty homemade food.

Restaurant at Arts-Loi: Opening expected april 2019
Restaurant at Arts-Loi: Concept & deco inspirations

Concept & deco inspirations

For this space we chose once again to take you on a journey. Elsewhere. In a borderless space where Japanese delicacy meets Moroccan riads, South American pigments and villages of black Africa. Our intention is to create a space of possibilities, where we feel good inside as well as outside in a contemporary and warm spirit. Our sustainable vision has focused us on retrieving furniture by transforming it and giving it new skin.This space also focuses on local artists from the bar to the wall frescoes. Our ambition is to create a different place where everyone feels at home in a sustainable environment.

Address, opening hours & contact

The address, opening days and times will be communicated here before the inauguration.

02 894 46 67

Info, orders & reservations / 02 894 46 67