Healhty & diversified food in Brussels

We put fresh vegetables and diversity at the core of our proposals for a healthy pledge. With this in mind, we offer dishes that are perfectly adapted to vegetarians and vegans. Of course, we also offer preparations based on meat (halal), fish and seafood.

Delicious breakfasts, mixed plates to compose, wide choice of homemade quiches and tasty sandwiches, assortment of tempting desserts: all your desires will be satisfied! We also privilege flavours with revisited world cuisine recipes.

Every day, a homemade juice is proposed to boost your energy and fill you with vitamins.

Last but not least, every Thursday, rediscover the taste of vegetables with even more vegetarian preparations, as part of the “Veggie Thursday”.

About: Healhty & diversified food in Brussels
About: A sustainable approach

A sustainable approach

Reducing our environmental impact and providing healthy food are at the centre of our commitments. That’s why we favour products from local agriculture, sustainable and/or Fair Trade. Our suppliers of vegetables and pasta are local and from organic farming. Our bread supplier uses only natural ingredients: flour, water and leaven. Olive oil, an essential element of our cuisine, comes directly from an organic producer located in Portugal.

To reduce our ecological footprint we also put different actions in place:

  • Milk is served on demand in reusable containers rather than individual capsules.
  • We prefer beverages in glass bottles or cans rather than plastic containers.
  • We chose to work with biodegradable and recyclable “take away” containers.
  • For our catering service we use reusable dishes or if necessary biodegradable containers. Sandwiches ordered for large groups and to be delivered are served on reusable trays.

Everything homemade

All our preparations are homemade, including sauces and dressings. You will therefore be sure to eat for instance vegetables that have been freshly cut, a real homemade hummus full of flavor or again delicious pies prepared with care.

About: Everything homemade
About: A sustainable approach

Social integration: a priority

Before being a company, Kamilou is a man who loves to share and exchange around a warm meal. After more than 10 years, he has managed to create a cuisine that combines his desires, values ​​and history.

To achieve this, Kamilou had an atypical journey made of beautiful encounters, hands outstretched and challenges sometimes cluttered with pitfalls. From this experience he decided to transmit this value of resistance from day to day and socio-professional integration quickly became one of his battlehorses.

He is not afraid to hire people who are called different and give a chance to people having some difficulties in their lives. From Wiels, to Brussels-city via Ixelles you can find behind the counter or in the kitchen a Guinean integrated since 9 years now, a Brazilian who speaks only a little Dutch, or a young person lacking structure. Many people with similar backgrounds have gone to Kamilou kitchens; a great school to start, try, progress, learn a profession and skills to build a stronger future.

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